When You Travel

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The unopened mail is a mountain. Your Contigo stands inverted on the dish rack.

I can’t enact our routine.

I sit in your den, slide my feet into your sheepskin slippers, light one candle, and watch our pictures glow ethereally.

26 thoughts on “When You Travel

  1. Laissez Faire

    I blinked a few times over “contigo” i guess I didn’t lose all of my high school spanish. I kept seeing it as “with you” LOL. But it’s a mug right? My favorite is “i can’t enact or routine” — so very sad.

  2. Lisa

    Being in the space where someone lived, really lived, feels so intimate, doesn’t it? The lighting of a candle increases that intimacy.

  3. asha

    I really enjoyed the way you used mundane objects, everyday acts to emphasise the loss. That absence is so strongly felt in the little things.

  4. Nate

    I liked the Contigo line. You gave context – what else would be in the dish rack? – and it was a nice image to suggest her world is upset. Nice job!


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