Evil Chromosomes

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Pained and shamed, parents looked at her
an enormous burden, not their lovely daughter

Her brothers were fed milk and cream
she tasted them daily,but in her dreams

Boys were sent to school with uniforms and books
she stayed back, scrubbing and cleaning dirty nooks

Still a child,they hastily arranged her marriage
too anxious to relieve themselves of the baggage

She weaved her new life with patience
head hung low always in obedience

Soon she learnt she was pregnant
‘Baby’ the word felt warm and fragrant

Dreams of the baby filled her nights
already hugging it in her arms tight

Showered with unprecedented care and love
she couldn’t thank enough the heavens above

They took her to the clinic that ominous day
“It’s  a girl”, she heard the doctor shamefully say

An acrid potion was forced brutally down her throat
Female feticide is still rampant in lands remote

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