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Why don’t you write anymore? A question by my dear family and friends, which I evade all the time because that leads me to ask a question to myself-“Why don’t I write anymore? “I have no plausible explanation, no deep-rooted reason, just a tall shrug that reaches my earlobes- and that just isn’t enough. I have abandoned my blog like a child gone incorrigibly astray and its certainly unfair to treat a loved one like that.

Beginning of this year I thought (don’t read RESOLUTION) of forcing my fingers to think again. But I could not start in January because it was so cold! How can someone write with cold, frigid hands? Come spring, I will thaw down and pick up the pen.And this year spring is surprisingly so early-I’m seeing plants blossoming pink and vernal leaves sprouting in Mid-March. Even the hibernating amphibians in the marsh outside my home have started croaking with life and vigor. Now its time for my lazy fingers to move-I have slathered them with moisturizing creams every night, all winter, so they don’t start creaking and whining at the first sentence.

Work? Don’t I deserve time to unwind and relax and sit in front of the TV, maybe follow the elections, after work?.But a wise voice, that belongs to me, says no matter how much I watch the coverage, Trump will not mend his ways and Bernie is almost gone anyways.The quest for seeking wisdom in current affairs is an inane excuse for not blogging and I should drop the façade.

Ishaan?How can I neglect his studies-his homework, projects and assignments. That story seems dubious and questionable too because his studies are now at an echelon above my meager knowledge. I have to google a majority of topics he seeks help on. Sometimes I google in front of him and sometimes clandestinely just to flaunt my pseudo intellect.

Food? I have to cook dinner to prevent starvation in this house. Again, I have a husband who has a natural flair for cooking! If both of us were to follow the same recipe verbatim, he would not only follow it but serve it with his distinct cherry-on-top and my replica would sadly beg for a semblance to the original. A task should always be assigned to one who’s does it best.Talk sweet. Delegate.

Husband?Thrives on food and Netflix.I already have designed an autotrophic plan for the food part. And I pay the Netflix monthly fee to myself out of his radar.That is my petty fee for happiness!

Sisters?Don’t I have to be connected with them on WhatsApp?No-they say,just write something.They don’t need me to disturb their slumber, so I can write when its night back home.I just now realized that the cause for dormancy was just Mr Newton’s first law and my sisters are the relentless force that have jerked the strings of this marionette into action.

The gossamer mask of excuses has blown away; all the curtains I could hide behind are lying ripped. Hence, I will make a full-hearted effort to resuscitate this baby of mine.

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  1. Unknown

    I am so happy Sara that you have decided to come out if slumber and write again. Love reading your fluid writing and choice of words.
    – Shaila


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