Be gone 2014!

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It’s December and I am extremely thankful that this year is about to be over. People around me are rattling how fast the year flew by, but I believe that this year, unlike all others, has made the presence and weight of each day imposed on me in a very unacceptable way.

The year has made sure that the worst of my imaginations came true; it snatched away smiles from those I love; it left ravines of unfathomed depth; it etched permanent grief on faces; it made sure that we are not able to say-Everything’s going to be alright because it will not be. Yes, we will still wake up and get up because the sun comes up- we will eat because our stomachs growl, we will breathe as long as we get oxygen, but the shadow of grief will never fade from our souls and will accompany us wherever we go.

The only thing that hurts more than getting hurt is seeing our loved ones hurt and knowing that we cannot alleviate their pain, by any word or action of ours. Yes, we have read that pain makes you stronger but who needs to be strong? We are and we want to be vulnerable humans and not be transformed into rocks.

I don’t strongly believe in superstition but this year has brought death and illness and doom to my family and I want to believe that the damage is done. Please let there be nothing more in store for us. Let the New Year kick start the restart and recovery process for all of us and 2014-don’t you dare extend your ugly tentacles into 2015.

Just be gone already!

2 thoughts on “Be gone 2014!

  1. Deepak Shinde

    Great to see you back on Blogspot- We have missed you.Do keep on writing – it may not alleviate the pain and hurt, but the mere satisfaction of knowing that there is someone somewhere sharing and empathizing with you is indeed heart warming.


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