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So, Ishaan and my shoe sizes are just the same now!!At eight years of age, he is upto my ears now! Thanks to his dad’s genes, I am soon gonna have two towers walking around the house and I’m gonna have one more pair of giant shoes to curse and trip and fall on!!

I have the tiniest feet in the world…which is by the way a sign of beauty!!!Did you know in ancient China, girls were forced to bind their feet up in layers of cloth to contain them , to stop them from growing bigger. And the Chinese men used to look at the girls feet- the smaller the feet, the more marriageable she was.

Thanks to my mom’s genes, I didn’t have to tie them, but they just didn’t grow beyond size 5, except that I wasn’t born in China in the 1800s.

Coming back to the home setting, Ishaan tried on my dark blue canvas shoes and they fit him perfectly. And these shoes are not gender-biased….they are the perfect unisex shoes.

Dad: So, Ishaan you don’t need to buy new shoes as you can wear mama’s.
Ishaan: But mama doesn’t have Nikes??

So, we did buy him Nikes and I am eyeing them and waiting for an opportunity to sneak into them next time I go for my solitary walks.And I have no hych against wearing kids’ shoes because kids aisle is where I shop for adult-looking kids’ shoes!

And he did wear my blue canvas shoes to his summer camp and kids do notice things!! His friends complimented him on my shoes. And the simple and naïve kid that he his, he told them – These are my mom’s shoes.
Damage done.
I told him – Ishaan, don’t tell your friends these are your mom’s shoes. They’ll laugh at you because that’s what kids your age do.
But why do I have to lie about this?
Remember what Nike says -Just do it!!

6 thoughts on “Just do it!!

  1. Deepak Shinde

    In Maharashtra, it is a common saying, that once a child's feet can fit into his parents' Footwear ('Paitan' is the word for footwear),parents must keep their advice to themselves. Off course this does not apply to Ishaan, as your's (rather your foot size) is a unique case.Lovely post!

  2. StarTraci

    I have only slightly bigger feet (size 6)and I often look for sneakers in the boys department (size 4)! My son is still a ways away but I wonder what he will think when we share the same size.


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