Manzil na de, chiraag na de, honsla to de

Soot, dust and cobwebs galore! This is the shabby state of my blog and that’s the reason I didn’t look at it for so long, just delaying to look at its sorry state. Well, you cannot write if you want to write; it just has to come to you. Its just like love,it catches you unaware!

And I had a lot of time on my hands in the last days. And I spent a lot of it browsing and exploring each shelf of the library, reading the newspaper at Starbucks, walking all around our community,nagging him 24*7, cooking, cleaning the house of course, shopping a lot, volunteering at school, educating Ishaan to boredom, listening to Jagjit and Chitra, watching a lot of meaningful movies, some of them -great foreign language movies. I just cannot not mention the movie ‘Children of heaven’, a Persian or Iranian movie, I got from the library and it’s a must watch.

I know a lot about the elderly of the country, now.I see them walking slowly with their walking aids to the grocery stores,reaching out to the shelves with trembling hands and wobbly heads. I see them lining up outside the library at 9:45 AM, waiting for it to open at 10.One elderly gentleman was with a toddler grandchild, waiting for the doors to open, when the child said-‘Grandpa, don’t you have the keys’?

Learning never ends. I mean, whats a woman who can’t shop for herself and others, who is so indecisive that she always needs a nod and a stamp of approval from the hubby before buying anything. Its just the habits, which take a long time to build and a longer time to break. And if you can’t get where you want to, if you’re dependent on someone to drive you always, you might consider getting yourself a wheelchair. So, I’ve been out, shopping and exploring, all on my own. And while driving, I’ve taken wrong exits, I’ve gone West instead of East, North instead of South, but I won’t forget those wrongs for a long time, now. I’ve locked myself outside the car, with the engine still running. Each mishap has a purpose and that is to avoid letting it happen again.

I don’t know the purpose and context of this post, but I have Jagjit’s ‘Manzil na de,chiraag na de’ playing on youtube and it just made me write. And I’m linking it here for all to listen and relate.

With the holiday cheer and lights, gifts and wishes, may the coming year be the harbinger of happiness and hope. May this year herald the beginning of a year full of smiles and health and prosperity.

11 thoughts on “Manzil na de, chiraag na de, honsla to de

  1. Deepak Shinde

    The "Manzil" is always ellusive, as the goal posts keep on shifting,we can at best enjoy the "Safar". And one who does that will never lack the "Honsla". Happy New Year. We love your posts, keep them rolling!

  2. Reflections

    Blogging is just about all the things u wrote above. We muse, bring clarity to our thoughts or simply let our fingers weave a post on their own.

    Wishing U a wonderful year ahead too & good to see u back:-))!!!!

  3. Dil se

    I can so relate with "who is so indecisive that she always needs a nod and a stamp of approval from the hubby before buying anything"
    And very true that habits take long time to build and longer to break. I am glad that you are starting the new year on a positive note and with such a lovely song !!
    Wish you and your family a very happy new year.

  4. Anonymous

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  5. Pal

    Hausle rone se kuch dil ke nikal jaate hain, zakhm kaise bhi hon kuch roz mein bhar jaate hain….

    Himaate dil ho agar saath gam-e-dauran mein , saare bigade huye haalaat sambhal jaate hain …. 😉


  6. Anonymous

    truly elaborate manzil na de chiraag na de Honsla to de. 🙂
    no idea which frame of mind u were when u were writing this blog. but it bring out boom of emotion, and stability in them. god work 🙂


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