The Morning Monster-Mom

The other day we,some friends,had some meaningful conversation (for a change)about how we fare as moms,each day.And though it was run-of-the-mill routine everyday stories of what happens at our homes,one thing was clear that we all deal with the same ordeal each day.
At so many instances ,I was like -“No this is me, this is what I say,what I do!!”
How could you know?
That is my story,too.Actually, we are all sailing in the same boat,over the same waters.And especially the morning saga is ditto, everywhere.

Each morning, getting ready for work with a target to be on time and getting Ishaan ready for school before the schoolbus time is a Herculean task.Each second is calculated and pre-determined, not a moment to waste.

And as I go to his room to wake him up, I am very gentle and tell myself that this morning I am not going to be mad at him before sending him off to school,come what may.I try to be very patient and calm in the beginning.

But as the hands of the clock continue their rhythm and I see him lingering on with his toothbrush,filling his mouth with water and spitting it out while continuously making silly faces and noises,I start losing it.Then after getting showered and dressed, when he sits with his bowl of cereal and two Power-ranger toys and concentrates more on the Power-rangers fight than the cereal, my tone turns into a warning.

And then he declares that he doesnt like the school lunch for today and wants a home-packed lunch, I quickly pack something while constantly reminding him to wear his shoes, wear his glasses and zip his jacket.But all these words fall flat on him with absolutely no effect and when its just 5 mins to 8:30 he has to go potty.

That drives the nail home and I end up shouting like a harridan and sometimes hit him too -in nervousness, in anticipation of missing the bus, then driving him to school and eventually reaching late to work.
Then quickly I wipe his tears and hug and kiss him, when he’s still controlling his sobs.
That heaviness,that guilt burdens me all day,sometimes.
Again, next day,next morning, pledge to myself-I’ll be a good mom!!

9 thoughts on “The Morning Monster-Mom

  1. Gauri Gharpure

    me and my friend were talking the other day. ‘we would never be like our parents.’ that’s what we concluded…

    i was as laidback as your son and i am sure if i have a kid like i was, i would lose it in no time.. but then, every mom is a good mom, no matter what

    loved to read a post after a long time…

  2. Hypermom

    Hey this sounds so familiar! It feels good to know that there are so many Moms like me.
    (my mornings are shared here, hope some bit is useful for you-

  3. Dil se

    This is so like the routine at my home every morning too. And the days when I raise my hand on him, he may forget it the moment he reaches the school, but I spend the entire day in remorse and feeling bad.
    But I can now relate to what my mom must have gone through. Because I was just like this when I was a kid.

  4. salma

    well,i think all moms are sailing on the same boat.its an acievement if you r able to catch the school bus.many a times,we miss it,and then comes the worst of all,chasing the bus,jumping the red lights and at the same time shouting at little ones.
    so cheer up,dear.Ishaan is not the only one.

  5. CoFfEe AnGeL

    hey ur not a bad mother 🙂 your just a normal one! scolding one’s kids to get them to school on time is just…routine i guess. I hated my mom when she did it…but i know il do the same if my own kids r like me. Of course i used to go to bed late and thus was perpetually exhausted…i think early bed times would have helped me a lot…in waking up and being fresh for school.
    It was so nice to read something…after quite awhile 🙂
    Chin up!

  6. Jas

    very well and truly put by Pooja. You just push for more discipline and that though will irk him now but will make a gentleman out of him and he wont realise it before 20yrs of age. Experience 🙂


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