Happy New Year 2009

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New Year – resolution??

Weight – don’t have to lose anymore!!
Height – can’t get more!!
Personality – can’t change now!!

So the motto is -Don’t worry….
just take rest and leave the rest!!
And the words that aptly describe what I want to do this year is:

kis kis ko yaad kijiye, kis kis ko roiyye
aaraam badi cheez hai, munh dhak kar soiyye


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2009

  1. Indian Home Maker

    LOL Loved the attitude, thank God you can’t change it!!

    My sister and I shared a room as kids and once we were fighting – one of us wanted to sleep the other wanted to read, one wanted the light switched off, one just couldn’t sleep with the light on .. the other needed the light to read and Peace was impossible!!
    My dad laughed and said,
    “aaraam badi cheez hai, munh dhak kar soiyye
    The last lines here reminded me of that 🙂


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