The pressure is on them

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These days mahila sangeet, ladies sangeet is not the prerogative of the Eves anymore and when it comes to the dance part of the sangeet – the boys of today, the tweens want their space on the centrstage too.This I learned this time in India on the mahila sangeet ceremony of my sister’s wedding. The saga started with the traditional dholak and the wedding songs which were flouted by the tweens who were eager to stop that raving and usher in the DJ who was waiting for the GO sign.
In the yesteryears as I remember, the sangeet was privy to the ladies and girls only, but now you can’t hector the guys away. They are waiting for their turn to display their gesticulation and dancing skills.And once they took the stage they wouldn’t leave it,lest the girls grab it!! And some of the dance performances by these young boys were truly impressive –with well-coordinated hands and feet and the face expressions too. Maybe Indian Idol, Nach Baliye and such TV programs are the motivating force behind that, that’s my guess.And Shahrukh’s Om Shanti Om six pack abs are the motivation behind all boys going to the gym and eating right. So now a wedding is not about Chandni’s Sridevi like divas, waiting for Chandni to happen, who dazzle and dress up to the extent that you have trouble pointing to the bride, but its also about dancing Greek God like guys.
So, dance mein hum kisi se kum nahin and appearance mein bhi competition hai.The times have changed drastically;earlier women were hellbent on proving – we can drive, we can work, we can earn, we can learn,we can smoke, we can drink et al but all that needs no reiteration and reinforcement; its proved, done and over. The pressure has been lifted from there and that pressure to perform is on them- I can dance, I can be slim-n-trim and drop-dead gorgeous and I can expose.
The last one comes from Saawariya’s chocolate boy Ranbir Kapoor who was on the TV in the movie’s promos all the time – struggling hard to hold on to the little towel he had on and sashaying with it all over the screen. I haven’t seen the movie but heard he gets to drop the towel ultimately. Yes, guys you can do it, go for it!!

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  1. Ajay

    All these days I think you’ve been under a wrong impression. Good you’ve been to India realize the world back there is changing drastically.

    Handsome is back..and Back with a BANG!!!


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