How honest??

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Is there a single relation you can be a 100% honest with? I guess thats not possible for a human,not for a mere mortal.For the astute matter inside the skull carefully selects and sieves and packs pertninent information into compartments –with walls seemingly porous, yet so unyeilding. But if you think, it is this sly isolation of information that keeps our zillions of relations breathing. Being a friend, acquaintance, co-worker, sub-ordinate,superior,sister, daughter,spouse,mother!!To be able to carry on all the roles, fetches have to be made to different regions of the grey matter-scan,filter,select/reject,present/archive.

What does the other person expect me to be,what knowledge does he/she expect me to have,what part of my personality should I present and what part should I mask?Amazing!!Someone might know me as a fun,cheerful person, while other might think I am a gloomy nerd.As the situation/person demanded or forced me to be.

So what are the things I should not bring up with this person. I should feign ignorance on such matters. I should strongly stand against things I love secretly. I should speak ill of those cheap brands though I know they are a blessing for my pocket. I should speak highly of an author/book though the first page caused me to take aspirin. That movie is a masterpiece, though it just kept tapping my head, but never got in. I should be totally in love with that cuisine/eating joint, though the mere mention of it makes my innards revolt. I should appear to be happy-go-lucky though my whole being shouts of toiling hard. So many genuine tears have to be indebted to a fake cold and sinus, for fear of being exposed. I should say I never think of some things though they occupy > 90% of my thoughts. I should pretend to forget certain things, turn a blind eye to some though they glare real hard. Such paltry, meaningless acts, confessions, swears that tie down a person all the time.

Oh, that’s so not me!! I am as you like it, cooked to your style till the time we decide to part ways.So it turns out that no one really knows the cores of the other, maybe not the person himself/herself. Sometimes I seem to understand the ancient hermits who climbed on top of a mountain and who closed their eyes to make an inward journey.In this blatant world, one starts to lose his/her own existence,all the surrounding space is invaded and polluted.

And then another thing is to keep all those that you hold dear in your life,insulated from each other.Something about a friend is never to be revealed , things about spouse should not leave the four walls.Things about sister/brother not to reach mom’s/dad’s ears.Things about mom-dad not to reach the spouse.But am I truly honest to anyone? So much precarious trust, millions of sworns of secrecy, do I have the tough gut for that?Things do leak out and dissipate and travel faster than you can imagine.Never mean to do it,but don’t our tongues at times have the procilivity to betray us, to profane the intangible sanctity.
How honest can you be in revealing yourself and concealing the others?

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