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Intelligent systems, fuzzy logic, automatic car-wash –creative wonders of human mind!!
We put so much thinking power into these inanimate objects so life could be easy, but what about controlling the small well-protected processor cradled in our skulls? Why does it not issue a peremptory refusal ,an alert, a signal, something when things are leading to contretemps, altercations, confusions and conundrums.

I write code and logic to execute a loop only for this many times, incrementing the counter each time and boom- the program does just that. Once the count is reached ,it takes no more .So, why don’t I know how much I can take and when my count will reach -or maybe I don’t have a counter at all, which is the reason of frustration. I surmise, life would be much better if I know that I would pick up clothes from bathroom floors and dump into the laundry box only once a day and not more than 7 times a week. But no, I have no count so each time I see dirty orphaned clothes I pick them up, mutter to myself
things about the doers of that and am a trifle more disheartened and discouraged. Why didn’t I yell that the 7 counter has reached for this week, so somebody else do the honors?

I don’t want to , I hate to ,I abhor cooking lunch- dinner is my forte. Lunch is the last thing I want to cook but am I vocal enough about that? Does anybody know how emphatic I am about that? If meal=LUNCH , why doesn’t my system fail. I could follow such a simple condtional algorithm. Why do I do it against my wish then sympathise with myself. Maybe I have started to enjoy self-pity – something that should be eschewed.

I have planned a haircut this weekend so my system should stop everything and give me an alert that this action has to be done today, like the stubborn meeting reminders popping up on the monitor, all day. Why don’t I have a monitor which gives an alert ahead of time..So when I am buried under the mundane chores and the weekend is running out, I should have a flash alert about haircut and avoid the repercussion- Sunday night, all salons closed and me left brooding- taking out my wrath on innocent faces who don’t know what went wrong and what is the whole blabber about. No one, but I knew what was on my priority list. I know its fatuous but how I would love a program taking charge of my erroneous actions and erratic behaviour and inveigh before its too late.

Or suppose, I have my mind fixed on buying a blue top today and I enter a store hunting for all blues. But my eyes are fixed on the cute red ones – someone tell me that this program accepts only BLUE ,so pull away from the reds.But there is no such intelligence built on me, so I will pick up red and green ones and take it to the changing room, will try them on, but then decide that my closet is overflowing with reds, so I need to find blue and bingo- its time for store closing. And my frustrational energy finds the same scapegoat – that I never get enough time for my shopping blah, blah.

I want to eat Italian today, but when situation and words are steering me towards a Chinese joint, why doesn’t my program give an error on dinner<>ITALIAN. So I end up eating Chinese and then for dessert are my complaints that I never get to do what I want to. Why do I sway against my wishes and make myself the distressed person I am. To be candid, I am a labyrinth ,a confused tangle which does not know where to go and how to reach. So if at the rare times that I know what I want, I would be able to program the behaviour leading to it.

At work, when I am asked about the status of my task twice in a week, 2 weeks before the deadline defined in the sacrosanct project plan, I should answer back that I still have 2 weeks to go and it’s a wee bit early ,instead of explaining things to my boss with an ounce of compunction – that maybe I should have done more by now. The algorithm goes like this – if question is asked more than 2 weeks before deadline, answer can be inadequeate.

That is the problem with me, I am not strong enough for what I stand for when it is needed, I try my best to adjust and be flexible and in the process lose myself a bit each time and when I feel significantly lost, I just spill and split . So programming myself to react appropriately at the right time is the remedy – hope some day, some one invents that.

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  1. salma

    take a break,relax.i feel you are overworkedand are just doing too much.your system needs a shut down.
    a trip to INDIA is the only remedy,so make it fast.
    just let things go,silly.


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