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A colleague of mine has a strange problem and I am totally amazed by it.
This is something I have never heard or seen.
No offense to anybody’s beliefs or traditions.

This guy works with me,lives in the US with his family – wife and a 2 year old son.
His son was born here. I was casually talking about my India trip with him when he mentioned that he too wants to visit India with family.But when he would plan this trip depends on something nobody can ever guess.Hold your breath!!

There is a tradition in his family/caste/city/state (I dont know which and I dared not ask)that a male child has to get the mundan (shaving of head) done at the mandap of marriage of a male neighbour(same mohallah) of his home in India.It turns out that there is no such restriction for a girl’s mundan.Vow I think,parents of girls have at least one less thing to worry about.

So this child of his has long hair,he is 2 years of age.
Its painful for the child and parents to manage such overgrown hair.
Ever since his child turned 1, the parents want to get his scalp clear of the messy hair.For the past one year they want to visit India but no boy in the mohalla is getting married!!

People plan for trips abroad around weddings of siblings, but this poor guy is waiting for an invitation to some neighbor’s wedding, whoever it maybe.Booking of air tickets shall coincide with the cutting of child’s hair which shall coincide with the date of some Mr XY’s wedding.

I cant figure out the connection between two people taking vows to spend their lives together and cutting off a child’s hair.How weird can that be?

I wanted to ask this person what happens if he does not get the mundan done at such occasion but sensing his complete unfaltering belief in it, I kept my big mouth shut.

Strange hairy problem isnt it?

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