Kiss Rehearsal

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All eyes fix on the groom, Rob, as he enters the stage from the right. The tuxedo makes him look taller and handsomer. His light smile like his gelled hair does not leave its place.The whiff of his woody perfume reaches the front pews.

Laura is happy for Megan, her elder one, marrying Rob but her lips sag a little.There will just be Annie and her for dinner every night.Two places instead of three.

The lavender clad bridesmaids start to walk through the center aisle. Laura stares unblinkingly at Annie, the maid of honor— the daughter she bore in her serotinal years. She is a little stooped but resplendent in the pickled ginger pink dress and a touch of makeup. She is the shortest because she is wearing matching Mary Janes. Could not trust her with stilletos.
The girls keep her in the middle. They pat her hand gently if she lifts her dress to scratch her thigh or  pulls out bobby pins from her coiffed hair.
“Rob!” Annie shouts as the girls’ procession nears the stage and rushes forward.
She hoists herself on her toes, pulling Rob’s face towards herself. Rob flinches, pries his neck from her fingers.

“Kiss Rehearsal.Like yesterday”, she says with urgency.

Trying some fiction for

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8 thoughts on “Kiss Rehearsal

  1. Namy

    I like how you have shown rather than explicitly told what's happening. The plot is developed so beautifully, but what happened to Annie is so wrong

  2. Varadharajan

    This started as such a sweet story but took a turn towards something sinister. That Rob sure isn't all he seems to be. A great little story. Glad to have you on board at #WordSante

  3. keerthi vydyula

    The twist in the tale was something i did not see coming and had to read couple of times to convince myself! I hope there is going to be next part for this and i hope that everything goes just fine for annie!


    I like this line very much: " They pat her hand gently if she lifts her dress to scratch her thigh or pulls out bobby pins from her coiffed hair. "

    I think I am missing something. I know something is going on with Laura who is a bridesmaid at her sister's wedding, but I am not sure what. I don't know if Rob is being a jerk or is uncomfortable and trying to keep the situation from escalating.


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