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The doorbell rang. She crawled out of the warm quilt, yanked her hair in a quick ponytail and scrambled for slippers.

Outside, in a glass vase, sat an assortment of colorful flowers. She glanced at the newspaper that lay beside: the 14th of February. She had always dismissed red roses as a cliche and he knew that.

Her head felt heavy and she shut the door tight, buckling down on the floor, against the door.

A mélange of emotions: confusion, disbelief and then the one that dwarfed them all—grief.

Had he pre-ordered them? Will they arrive every year?

Picture Credit: Dale Rogerson

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11 thoughts on “Pre-Ordered?

  1. glossarch

    A very good sense of the persistence of people who leave us, although I'm not sure how I'd feel if my significant other scheduled gifts for me (despite its efficiency)!


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