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Dressing up for their anniversary dinner– flowing chiffon with a ruby pendant around her neck. Smoked salmon, chardonnay, his loving gaze!

Doorbell interrupts the piano playing in her head. Cheeks ablaze, she peeks through the keyhole.

A white lily stares.

No red roses?


Yes, darling.

Mascara runs.

12 thoughts on “Delusional

  1. Joshua Flores

    The build up, love it. I enjoyed the constant reminders of red. I pictured your MC's anticipation. And the ending, though a little predictable by your title, still caught me off guard as I didn't take the title into account. The denouement though, was not very clear to me. It left me with a lot of questions.

  2. Sara Siddiqui

    Thanks Joshua for taking time to review!Maybe,I should've included more subtle hints but I wanted to leave things unsaid which is hard for me.Trying to get better at that.


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