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All his life, he secured his prized pen collection, not his money, under lock and key. His penmanship could shame printers; his signature was inimitably artful.

Today, translucence coats her eyes as she holds her husband’s shaking hand, pressing his thumb to the mortifying ink pad onto the bank form.

9 thoughts on “Thumbprints

  1. Sanch Writes

    Oh that's so sad…it reminded me of my grandfather when he started to deteriorate from Parkinson's and felt lost as he was always a smart and independent man and suddenly had to depend on my grandma. I love the line 'translucence coats her eyes' — beautiful description!

  2. Hema

    This was one of my favorites this week. "Translucence coats her eyes" and "mortifying ink pad" are wonderfully evocative. Well done! –


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