Did she get it right?

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Her mother-in-law taught her the recipe—onions, spices, yogurt simmered together with chicken until their essence seeped deep into the meat.
She cooked the curry for fifty years. He hovered around the kitchen, waiting impatiently. Finally, he gave the connoisseur’s verdict: little more garlic, maybe? She was annoyed.
Today, the aroma fills the house but he lay, unperturbed. She shreds the chicken, mixes curry with rice and feeds him with a spoon, blowing on each bite. A thin smile on his lips and a tiny flicker in his eyes! Did she get it right?
She wipes his mouth and her eyes.
100-word story prompted by Donna-Lousie Bishop’s Prompt Pot

1 thought on “Did she get it right?

  1. Donna-Louise Bishop

    This was such a beautiful take on the prompt Sara. Thank you so much for participating in this week's Prompt Pot. Tastes and smells are so strong and powerful and you really captured the essence of that in this piece. You also created a vivid relationship over a number of years – which is never easy to do in a micro!

    I hope you'll join in again this week 🙂


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