Lets stay home

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How about we stay home this weekend
Some time with you I’d love to spend
Years of matrimony evanesced, let’s pretend
And once again try to be just good friends
Actually, go outside and knock on the door
Let me welcome you and take your coat
I’ll make you a cup of your favorite ginger tea
And listen to you with all honesty
Let’s forget the groceries, bills and the pantry
Just talk about the man you want to be
Tell me your worst fears; where does it hurt
Which dreams of yours lay covered in dirt
I’ll try to look into your brown beautiful eyes
Without expecting any promises or replies
Its been a while!I don’t even recall, what a shame
The music you rolled into the last syllable of my name
Let’s start to unlearn, let’s come undone
Unfamiliar they seem-the versions of us we’ve become
Please, I’ll call the hosts; I’ll take responsibility
We are popular enough at parties already

4 thoughts on “Lets stay home

  1. Nathan James

    Ah, to be young and in love again? I like the playfulness of this; I think the rhyming added to the mood. Did you have a poetry form in mind when you wrote this?

  2. As I write

    Absolutely love these lines!!
    So close to the saga of our lives
    Between all the running and chasing, we forgot to stay connected with each other
    Reminds me of the famous song:
    "chalo ek fir se ajnabi ban jaye hum dono"

  3. Asha

    Such a sad-sweet reflection on the evolution of a marriage. You had some particularly evocative lines; "Years of matrimony evanesced, let's pretend" and "The sweet music you rolled into the last syllable of my name" were especially striking.


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