Tall tale tummyache

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Just moved to this lovely sprawling house
Eager to explore each nook like a mouse
Before I could breathe, came cruel morning
With “Get ready for school, darling”
Conjured up an intense tummy ache
Hoping for the clock to move past eight
“Don’t know what I ate last night
My stomach is wound up so tight
Forgot to wash my hands before dinner
Don’t know if something captured my liver
Last week my friend caught a sticky bug
That lived and fed for days in her gut.
Can hardly breathe, can hardly talk
Don’t think I will ever be able to walk”
“Let me find you Pudin Hara” said mother,
“Go back to bed until you feel better”
Minutes later, off the bed I bounced
“Was just some gas that passed”, I announced.
Happily skipped from room to room
Pretending to help clean with the big broom
I was flying, feet floating above the ground
My ebullience just knew no bounds
Until Ma called for lunch
Just a slice of bread to munch!
“Eat light today, just like a sparrow
And get back to school tomorrow.”
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