The dripping roof

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My parched eyes watch torrents of rain lashing the glass windows
of my chic office on the seventeenth floor
can’t hear the tinkling of drops or rumbling of clouds though….
the sound obscured adroitly by engineered acoustics
I shut my eyes and it comes singing to me-
 the sound of dripping roof of my childhood home
the resonant chorus insinuates the clamor inside.
How I want to run amok in the rain outside these walls!
How my expensive suit and svelte heels stifle my desire!
I ache and pine, a bird with clipped wings
captive in a golden cage.
Rain, rain-I pray, do me a favor today
wash away my sagacity and wise adulthood
reverse the metamorphosis I’ve been through
seep into my locked pores
free out the innocent child I was once
lick my tired hands
to once more transform scraps of paper into boats
cleanse my eyes of ambition
 effulge the effervescent joy and energy
dilute my blood now viscous
into frothy ebullience tingling my veins
tousle and crush my silk parasol
soak me head to toe in sky’s curative water instead
drain away the worldly perfumes and essence

and fill my nostrils with pure petrichor.

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