Titan tears

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Eyes on the monumental event of our lives
we were bolstering ourselves for a year—
 my sister’s upcoming wedding in winter
hearts crumbling inside, beneath the cheerful veneer
Our sonorous humble abode will lose its chirp
mom and I talked often about sister’s leaving
 in a timbre soaked with limpid pain 
with eyes dampening and chests heaving
Scurrying around to make impeccable arrangements
dad always stood still,unperturbed like Mount Everest
tireless sinister eye on every minuscule detail
nature and human, all joined hands at his behest
He once again asked all to bid farewell with smiles
when my bedecked sister hugged and said goodbye
chided us gently for creating a tearful scene
while still feigning a tiny little twinkle in his eye
Hollow and forlorn that night,I waited for the pink of dawn
stealthily peeped from my blanket as dad walked into our room
he tenderly placed sister’s house slippers on the rack
and restored the cap on her bottle of perfume
Lightly traced her picture smiling on the dresser
lines on his forehead deepened as he sat on her bed
caressed her pillow, then quickly raised the back of his hand
to wipe the tear he had just shed.
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4 thoughts on “Titan tears

  1. Sampada Raje

    Plain beauty, your poem is. Weddings and dads are such a sure shot way of tugging hearts. Their vulnerable side is often seen when they give away their daughters.

    Beautifully written.


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