Cafe Karma

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Its a WOW post again!

The cafe Karma ceaselessly keeps on churning

custom Lattes uniquely designed for each one.
The ledgers of Karma are precisely accurate
accounting all—credit, debit, debt— one by one
Mother Nature has been speaking for eons
in a language at its comprehensible best
As you sow,so shall you reap, child!
Why surprised when it’s time to harvest?
A mango seed,watered with love and care—
into a tree yielding fruit and shade, it will grow
While a rock I throw at my neighbors house
might boomerang to shatter my own window.
Starving for a piece of stale bread and water
the hopes and faith of the honest seem to perish
as they see tables of those who cut throats
laden with cakes and plums they do not cherish.
Does not look like justice is delivered
promptly on a platter to those who deserve
But,rest easy, the time will undeniably come
when Karma’s fine balances,against evil do swerve.
Expending its light to show them the right path
the sorcerer pauses,but briefly,on the wicked and infamous
But, all souls, do remember, eventually
Sun shines on the righteous.

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3 thoughts on “Cafe Karma

  1. eN

    That's a good weave of wit and rhyme. I'm not really a poetry person, but I always admire people who can churn out such good poetry, keep rocking Sara

  2. khalid

    karma has no menu, you get delivered wat you deserve. Very well said. the kind of topic that interests me and your words are just cherry on the cake.


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