Birthday tremors

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So-my big,strong hubby could not take the tsunamic pressure of my birthday and started shaking and trembling like a leaf.
And no one can blame me bcoz I didnt even get a chance to throw my weight around and make any majestic demands.

We got him to the emergency room to get him fixed before he collapsed on us but big machinery takes big time and effort to get back on track.He’s pretty solid and reliable mostly,but chooses to malfunction at the wrongest time.

It was my day to enjoy and relax and be pampered,when he’s sound asleep,probably in the 7th level of dreams while I sit by his bedside admiring the clarity and pitch of his snores,with Ishaan nudging me sheepishly and whispering- “He’s snoring in front of the pretty nurses,this is so embarassing!!”
Happy birthday to me…..

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