Life’s getting me

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How can such petty things hold the center stage of life- there’s not a single potato left in the kitchen, the coffeemaker is leaking gallons of water, much more than it can hold. Have to buy a new one ASAP!!

Why can’t I leave the trivia behind and focus on larger issues or think about I don’t know – inflation,recession,oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, or the Mayan prediction for 2012?????

Or 180 degrees turn -at least think about making it an easier journey for those who live with me…how do they even put up with me, forever holding shields and armors in preparation for an attack!!!!

Love or tolerance or empathy?????

Sounds funny, but it isn’t!!

He says,hi,whats up
Just waiting to blow up.
He says, meet at lunch?
No sir,thanks a bunch.
He says, how about a movie?
You both go,just let me be.
He says, a cup of hot coffee?
Not even if you make it for me.
He says, lets go for a walk?
If you promise not to talk.

8 thoughts on “Life’s getting me

  1. Traci

    I so understand. We have all been there — some days the minor things of life seem very major.

    Be kind to yourself.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Gauri Gharpure

    Sara, slow down, breathe deep and take it easy. I really hope you get back to being the cheerful and affable person you are once these routine (but unavoidable) kitchen bothers stop irking you… Smile!

  3. Renu

    sara: whsat a beautiful name !!Absence of potatro can be bothersome to me also:)..its the main gredient of my cooking, but then what is other innovations for?

  4. Dil se

    It felt as if I was looking at the mirror, while reading this post. I thought I was the only one getting totally insane out there, freaking out on every and anything in the household. But I am glad, I have company 🙂
    Lately, I have realized to take a deep breath and think just for a moment again before reacting on petty situations. It did help me calm down.
    But, the title is so true, life is getting us.

  5. salma

    I think,it happens with all of cool,n cheer up!!it is more important to realise that you are wrong,and then promise yourself on being better the next time.that's wat i do,but fail everytime.
    but,relax dear,take a break,come down here!!!!!!

  6. Pilot-Pooja

    We all desire change at some or other point of time, I guess a vacation to India will bring your billion dollar smile back for sure!!

    Another sweet little composition Sara!


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