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Friends and family are urging me to post something…it’s been ages!!Well, life is just zipping past, with the same old – going to work, getting back, cooking dinner, reading something and sleeping to wake up to a new morning with the same old things lined up.

In that case, I do need to write something!

Out of the whole monotony, cooking is something which has something worth writing.(Work, I will never talk about once I leave the premises!!)Because there’s this whole process of taking mental stock of inventory and leftovers, thinking of something delicious and innovative if possible, and then materializing the whole plan and waiting for the resulting success or fiasco.

With work being increasingly demanding for both of us, sporadically for me, but constantly for him, a fulfilling and comforting dinner provides some solace.And I find great satisfaction and comfort in burning hot rice.

Here’s what I cooked yesterday and actually managed to take a picture of!!
It was hot,spicy curried potato-tomato sabzi with coconut-milk zeera rice and homemade yogurt. The spice of the sabzi went very well with the mild coconut milk flavored rice.And the yogurt seasoned with salt and fresh zeera-powder provided the cooling factor to the hot summer evening.

India is so rich in cuisines and flavors that a little fusion of North with South, just a little twist here and there, yields gastronomical results! I added some coconut milk while cooking zeera rice and it raised it to a new worshippable dimension, altogether!It made the rice aromatic,flavorful and soft enough to just melt in the mouth!!And I added some yogurt to the aloo tamatar sabzi which gave it a rich,creamy texture!!!

The new taste got a thumbs up from me and both my clients.Something I am going to try again, definitely!!

5 thoughts on “Comfort Food

  1. laddu

    sometime back i learned 4m my own experience that cooking is actually very easy.. what is difficult is to cook good.. there have been times when i was not able to eat food that i have cooked….

  2. Gauri Gharpure

    it's so nice to see that you have updated.. yes, the meal seems perfect comfort food. congratulations for the innovative touch.. 🙂 i look fwd to reading more, so please update whenever you can.. and… whatever happened to Ishaan's cute little blog? my hello to him.

  3. salma

    nice to see u back after a long gap.pic is good,with mouthwatering food in it.who could ever imagine,you cooking wonderful food…keep it up.


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