It doesn’t matter!

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When you look at life in the rearview mirror, you see so many tears, worry lines and sleepless nights caused by things that don’t matter any more and you find yourself thinking – Why did I waste so much time and energy on those trivial things. Those things that were of paramount importance at that time and your life depended on them are faded and erased, already!

When you look in the side mirrors, a faster car shakes you for just a moment, but its past before you know it. So, the key is to let the faster ones go and not let them waver your hand at the wheel.

Umpteen things that you fret and worry about mend themselves. What if it happens? Eventually, it does not happen!

Why are we stuck in the vicious circle of insignificant worries, apprehensions?
And if life’s all about learning from mistakes, why am I not learning?

2 thoughts on “It doesn’t matter!

  1. Deepak Shinde

    Sara, a very thoughtful post! The car analogy is perfect, as life is indeed a journey – destination unknown.The mere fact that you have realised the insignificance of worrying about the future,and regret for things past,is proof that you have already learned your lesson.

  2. Dil se

    Adn isn't that's what life is all about !! We learn some, regret some, worry some (or lots for some ppl) and still keep moving on !!


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