V-day showdown

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I have to write this while I still have it top on my mind.So,today is V-day and I personally don’t believe in one day to show your love to your loved ones.But P does what he feels like,don’t know out of ritual or peer pressure or whatever may be the reason.

So,he got me a rose and a card – the regular,sugary ones that say To my wife…..etc.As I opened the card, it played a song which said ‘You are so beautiful…’.It does feel good and I was flattered and fluttery but I told him that this was a lie and you don’t really mean it.
Pat came the answer, “No,I mean from the inside.You know, looks are not that important, its the inner beauty of the person thats important”.

Gosh, am I such a haggard, who has to be lectured on the beauty of heart and soul!!Wish I lived on the 12th floor of an apartment complex, so I could open the window and jump out and flay my innards out to display how beautiful they are!!

5 thoughts on “V-day showdown

  1. Indyeah

    arre!WHats this?:) You know what Sara? Sometimes in all this poo- poohing of Valentines day and all that comes with it we get so preoccupied that we start disbelieving even that which is true and comes from the heart:)

    P saying that to you is beautiful becasue it sometimes takes men(and women to realize what he has realized about you:)
    and what he said is true..comes through in your words on your blog as well:)

    saying that you are one doesn't mean you are not the other:)
    both can co-exist:) and P is one lucky guy to have you and you to have him:)
    God bless you both:)

  2. Reflections

    Ummm…have u considered that he was probably trying to please u by saying that;-P

    LOL…but whtever said and done, its indeed a drastic way of showing ur innards;-o


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