Fruity Resolution

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“You look so weak and tired!!Your face has lost all its glow and energy……you look drained out”, these were some of the compliments I received from my sisters this time I was back home. Sisters are the mirror you avoid seeing yourself….you might fool yourself but nothing misses the eyes of the sisters.

My eating habits which are very poor were brought into light.I would snack on a bag of chips rather than bite into an apple. The problem is like I like hot, salty and spicy food and fruits don’t qualify.I drink a lot of tea and coffee,but its been ages since I drank a cup of milk!So,they told me to focus on natural foods and not processed ones, the number one contender being apples,pears,oranges.

So,this year I have been buying a lot of fruits and trying to eat some everyday.Here’s the fruit bowl which is full upto the brim,reflecting my commitment.

But here’s the cake I baked and we sat down to eat it while watching a movie at night and the two lonely humble pieces left in the morning speak a lot about how ruthlessly we devoured their companions.

So,my darling sisters and mom,I can’t promise to give up my favorite unhealthy foods but I promise to include some healthy things too,as a routine.
And I am thankful to God for all the love and care my sisters shower on me.

Speaking of apples and oranges, here’s a joke:
Sir: What is difference between Orange and Apple?
Student: Color of Orange is ORANGE, but color of Apple is not APPLE

3 thoughts on “Fruity Resolution

  1. Dil se

    I loved the line "Sisters are the mirror you avoid seeing yourself". So true and can so relate to it.
    And I am the same type, can snack on a bag of chips but not an apple !! And baked food, so much my weakness 🙂
    Good luck on you "eat healthy" mission !!

  2. Rajesh Kumar

    The slice of cake looks yummy in the picture.

    I think it is a sign of warmth and affection to say – beta/beti tum to bilkul dubla ho gaye. I have seen a mom complain the same about her 95 kg teen aged son also. The kid lives in a hostel and recently came home to be received by these oh so familar lines.


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