Its been a decade!

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Yes, we completed 10 years of marriage this July!

And since then any incident big or small, whatever happens,I find myself attributing to the 10 years.

That day, while chopping tomatoes, I chopped my finger as well. You see, such accidents don’t occur everyday. And this cut was a little big because holding my finger under running water didn’t stop the blood.

So I went to him for a remedy. He ordered Ishaan to get a band-aid because Ishaan is the official keeper of band-aids in the family as he buys a band-aid packet each time we go to Drug-Mart. So we have band-aids of all shapes and sizes and designs- ultra-strips, wash-proof, spider-man, Scooby-doo, you name it!

After Ishaan fetched the band-aid with enthusiasm, P put it on my finger.
And he goes –‘You’re all set, now be careful!’
What I expected –‘Okay, now you leave the rest of the chopping, I’ll do it.’
Now, I know what to expect.

Me: I am gaining weight; I’m noticing some flab around my middle, do you?
P: Yes, I’ve noticed it too.
Me: Okay, so what clothes make me look fat?
P: All of them.

That morning he complained he was sleepy, so I asked him what time he slept last night.
I remembered he was not in when I slept.
P: I came upstairs around 11.
Me: So I slept before that.
P: Yeah, you were snoring away!
Me: I don’t snore.
P: Yes, you do and that too loud.

15 thoughts on “Its been a decade!

  1. UmmeAaiman

    Congratulations… Marriage is a wonderful thing and through those little dialogues you've shared, it shows that you love being married!! So do I, and its only been three years and a kid born recently! And we enjoy the banter and even pushing each others buttons… do visit my blog sometime.

  2. M@ria

    Congrats on your 10 yrs Sara. Loved the post. Im just 4 years down with my hubby, and there are good and bad times to look back on. Some make me smile and others i wish had been better.But its been a good ride.
    And i guess men will b men 🙂

  3. Meira

    That happens after 10 yrs right. So please toh explain why it is happening with me already???
    Happy 10th. 10 sounds good. Really 🙂
    Wish you another 10 n another and another 🙂

  4. Dil se

    OMG !! That's so true. I will be completing the landmark in feb next year and I am alredy getting full trailers of such actions.
    Guess what .. Men will be men always:-)
    BTW: Congratulations on competing 10 years.

  5. Line of a poem...

    Congratulation for 10 years!

    I think number of years matters from the time you know your partner. In my case I knew my husband from last 10 years but we are married from almost 3 years. I can truly understand you. 😉

  6. Line of a poem...

    Congratulations for your 10 years!!

    I think years matters from the time you started knowing each other. I knew my husband from last 10 years but we got married almost 3 years back. The situation is almost the same. 😉


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