Gone,baby gone…..

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I had earlier written about our family attachment to P’s mustache:
Moustache is family property
But he had been nurturing and sustaining this itch to wipe it off since I don’t know when.He kept on saying that he’s going to shave it off on our 10th anniversary, thus trying to be a new person, so that I forget all that I hold against him and we can eventually live happily ever after.But I didn’t know he was serious until the day the lightning struck!

This was the first morning of our vacation. As I stepped out of the bath, I saw Ishaan crying, his face wet with tears and his finger pointing towards dad’s face.I thought he had got into some trouble with dad, but then I looked at what he was pointing to – and Oh my God, what a shock it was to see his face sans the mustache.
Why did you not warn me, why didn’t you ask me?His answer was that I would never have let that happen if I had been forewarned.

And I started crying too because it was like he had lost a part of his body, like a finger or a limb…he looked so incomplete and amputated.This was someone alien, this was not the person I was living with for the last 10 years, day in and day out.He has been with the moonch ever since I first saw him and that was 12 years ago!And this was not what I signed up for!That part between his nose and his lip was always covered under the moonch and was so unknown. It looked so bare and so exposed and so distinct as it was smoother and lighter in color, being protected from the harshness of the sun and the chill always.
Every time I looked up at him, I felt so genuinely sad and angry.It was a trauma for both me and Ishaan and that too inflicted upon us, without any rhyme or reason, just to address a whim. This was just hair, But I can’t imagine the trauma of family of soldiers/accident victims who lose their limbs, eyes and have to live with it for the rest of their lives..

Its been about 10 days now and his moustache is growing back fast and there’s already a thin black line there in the vacant spot, which gives us some solace.And back home, he looked at himself in the mirror 10 times before heading off to work and I convinced him it’s okay now.But then he calls me from work that all are saying good things about his new look and even saying that he’s looking 10 years younger…Crazy People!!

So it looks like that what is gone is gone forever, sob, sob….

13 thoughts on “Gone,baby gone…..

  1. Meira

    err…I'm so sorry
    hmmpphhhhh o hahahahahahaha
    Ok, sorry again. I guess being used to the moush for 10 years had made you fall in love with it too:D
    Don't worry, it'l grow back. Then you can threaten him not to shave it off. Though if others are telling him he looks younger….

  2. Indyeah

    LOL!! sorry!
    :)) this is cute to read:))

    I think its fine coz its his mooch na?:D
    granted you too were attached to it…but change is good :D:D:D

  3. CoFfEe AnGeL

    Well sara, he is looking 10 yrs younger 🙂 and a bit like the ex cricketer mohd.azharuddin too…

    Hmm…let him…maybe its a midlife crises. Certainly lifes easier without a moonch to maintain!!!

  4. Deeps

    LOL…I'm sure you'll get used to the new look soon.
    You know,Sara I was very fascinated by men with mustache while in school…I used to drool over Arvind Swami! And I used to secretly wish that my prince-charming too would have a mooch that will oh-so-irresistable! But ever since I've been married its been a different story.Now I cant even think of seeing my husband growing a mush.

  5. Gazal

    "mooche ho toh nathu lal jaise"

    i couldnt help but recollect this line from namaharam.

    attachment with the mouche is cute and understandable.

  6. Dil se

    This is funny , Sara. But think about it, it must have been scary for him too, changing the looks so drastically after such a long time.
    And with a compliment like "10 years younger" I am sure it is paying off already 🙂

  7. Sakshi

    Lolz that was hilarious and at the same time (ok to get into ur good books) heart breaking….heee. Like you am possessive abt the part between the lips and the nose too but in a diff way though…My husband has been trying to grow one since the past 9 years and I usually breakdown and beg him to shave by the 3rd day of the project…

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and glad u found it funny…

  8. Jas

    I thought ladies liked it plain! The way he is getting appreciation, I think its gone for a long long time 😛

    And yes, you will get used to sight in some time


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