Happy Birthday,son

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I can master any weapon, give me a gun,
But Lord I can’t handle a son under the sun.
And that infant, toddler, now turning seven,
Thank You dear God Almighty, thanks Heaven.

The contents were never labeled on the box,
At times-Meek as a kitten & then sly as a fox.
Can hurt us by distant looks and cold shrugs,
Again then floods us with kisses & warm hugs.

Doesn’t listen at all, tests my miniscule patience,
Other times, a picture of obedience and penance.
Inane, absurd but again sensitive and sagacious,
That’s what makes our jewel so very precious.

Mostly pure, free-flowing love, as if from a faucet,
That’s what we perennially get from our little cosset.
Hope it doesn’t change, as his chrysalis, he breaks,
Each moment, my soul prays and my heart aches.

Power rangers, star war knights, Spiderman,
Are immediate members of his growing clan.
His latest and incessant passion is sports,
Hopes to be cheered by sundry and cohorts.

Times I doubt his ability, his skill, his perseverance,
Shame on me, I could’ve myself been up on clearance.
No studies today he says- come what may, rain or shine,
Next moment- Mom, isn’t eleven times nine ninety nine?

Leaves every scrap of paper scribbled and dirty,
Don’t mind it bcoz mom, he always draws pretty.
‘Pls don’t tell dad’, he tells me with a frown,
But ‘Oh I miss Dad’ soon as he is out of town.

Afraid of thunder, scared of the tiniest insect,
Unaware that one day frogs he has to dissect.
Voice starts to quiver and down come the dreaded ready tears,
Separation from home (college, hostel) is among his worst fears.

Every mom thinks her child is the one,
And I, for sure, claim to be no exception.
Every dad wants his child to do him proud,
And stand out shining in a teeming crowd.

The galaxy will forever flaunt its celestial glow,
But YOU son; will be the lone star of our show!!

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday,son

  1. Solilo

    Happy Birthday to you son, Sara!

    I don't know why but I was under the impression that you had a baby..a newborn. Yeah! I know. It's funny..:D

  2. Dil se

    A very happy B'day to him.And really lovely lines you wrote for him. I am sure he'll cherish those and realize what a great writer mom he has !!

  3. Gauri Gharpure

    wishing Ishaan a joyous, happening year ahead with lots of nice learning.. and i am looking fwd to more updates on his blog too.. tell him to fill up the space!

  4. Indyeah

    Love the way you have wished him:)
    Happy Birthday to your son:)))

    may he touch the stars 🙂

    Has he read this yet?:))

    PS:-I also thought like Solilo and was under the impression that you had a newborn baby :))

  5. Pilot-Pooja

    May the year ahead shower on you fragrant roses,
    Full of tenderness, care and a zillionth shining doses!

    Wishing you bundles of amazing happiness Ishaan dear!
    May you find success in each of your endeavor!

    Haappppppppppppppyyy Birthday!!!

  6. Sara

    Solilo,Indyeah…yes I have a big boy,a 7-year old now,not a baby!
    Pooja,Gauri,Rohini,Dil se…thanks for your wonderful wishes!
    Hobo,hope your prophecy comes true!
    Meira, yes I did write these lines,thanks!


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