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He/she, you, they – almost everyone is being tagged…how come nobody tagged me?
Well, for tagging someone, you have to think of someone, sigh… and I am so happy that my blogger friend Reflections thought about me and wants to know more about me.

This TAG is for 10 things that emotionally tax me and I’m calling it ‘My Pet Aversions’.
I dont know about the exact precedence of the list below, but these definitely sap me out:

1.Injustice to women: I hate men who treat women like lesser beings and also in many cases, like doormats. Some call me a feminist and so I am.

2.Show Off – This is something that makes me cringe. I have always been a firm believer of: ‘Substance over form’. And though I agree that some form is mandatory to hold the substance but vain form with no substance is like empty beautifully-wrapped Christmas gifts adorning a Christmas tree at a corporate party.

3.Breaking promises: I hate breaking promises and when someone does that to me. I believe in – do what you say or don’t say it. Keeping your word even in the smallest things speaks volumes of your character.

4.Unsolicited Advice: Some people designate themselves the counselors of all humanity and want to ram down their opinion down your throat. Its difficult for them to understand that – I choose to be what I am.

5.Sugar-coating the neem: I hate glib and smooth talkers who make it difficult to discern the venom under the honey. I believe in calling a spade a spade, because that’s what it is. And sometimes, if you dig your teeth inside the sugar-coating, the stark bitterness makes you gag your guts out.

6.Manipulating Others: Some people spend better parts of their day in analyzing how they can take advantage of others. And they twist your arm without you even knowing it and its too late to slip away 😉

7.Letting out secrets: You trust somebody with a secret and they let the feathers out in the air to be blown everywhere. This is so hurtful and disrespectful.

8.Doing laundry in the public: You need to share your woes, that’s understandable and that’s human but I don’t agree with washing dirty linen in public, in front of people you hardly know!

9.Pretence: I believe people who try to be what they are not suffer from low self-esteem. Every individual is precious and different and one must respect one’s identity. I love this caveat: “Kauva chala hans ki chaal, apni bhi bhool gaya.”

10.Over-curiosity : Some people just don’t know when to stop and keep on shooting
intrusive queries, no matter how much you try to convey your annoyance.
A good example is: How much do you earn?
I made up a standard answer to this quest:
“Bas daal-roti ke layak mil jaata hai, zyada kuchh nahin.”

8 thoughts on “My pet aversions

  1. Rohini

    i can say ditto for all of them! i hate it when someone asks me personal questions.
    these really are things which can make or break relationships and friendships.. well written.

  2. Dil se

    Sara: Nice post !!
    Even I hate it when people try to give unsolicited advice or are over-curious about things which I don't want to share.
    And such people even ignore all the Red signals I try to send out to them !!
    But after having encountered such behaviours, it makes me seriously considerate and careful when talking to someone else to make sure I am not making the same mistakes.
    "Treat others as you would like to be treated"

  3. Tiger

    ditto sara.. have to agree on all points.. but u know what.. most of the times.. no body cares… but its better to be out on all of these points atleast for yourself.. good list


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