Bath obsession

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I’m not a compulsive cleanliness-loving maniac or a very organized person, but I am extremely particular about having spic-and-span and sparkly bathrooms at my home. I don’t care if living room’s a mess or beds are unmade, but no compromise for the baths. Even when we lived in India, I had a whole crew to manage -cleaning help, cooking help, babysitter and all that, but cleaning the bathrooms I always reserved for me. No one would scrub the tiles to a shine as it doesn’t make sense to anyone.

And P gets irked when I wake up on Saturdays and don my cleaning gloves and start emptying the bathrooms to clean them thoroughly. Even sometimes when I’m in low spirits and depressed, he tells me to go ahead and clean the bathrooms, to perk me up- my favorite activity, as he calls it. Yes, it does give me immense satisfaction to look at the result at the end of it and it’s an esoteric stress reliever.

And its that unexplainable beatific feeling to enter the bath with the fresh smell, with no water streaks on the shower doors or the faucets and no soap scum in the basins or tiles and no water splashed on the mirrors. It makes me ecstatic, oneiric, lifts up the spirits. I wouldn’t go to a bath which is not what I want, to wash the stress off of my face after work or to brush my teeth at night, before bed.

To clean the 2 ½ bathrooms thoroughly takes me two hours on the weekend, from start to finish, which P feels but doesn’t say, could be utilized in making the weekend breakfast/brunch, as many man would like. But I can’t do that, because the baths beckon me and I have to attend to it. I don’t blame him because often he is at the end of questions like- why there’s toothpaste plopped in your basin? Do you wash your face or the mirror? Why can I still see granules of your facial hair in the sink after your shave?

And when we go grocery-shopping, I hand over to him the food items while I am in the cleaning supplies aisle, looking for new cleaning supplies.
And when we go out of town and book hotel rooms I don’t even look at the bed and the pillows, but rush to the bath to check out how appealing it is, if I can live with it .

Its difficult for Ishaan to aim and steer his stream into the toilet bowl and more often than not, he misses the target and sprays it here and there;its the male anatomy! And again I’m going crazy with the wipes and the sprays.

11 thoughts on “Bath obsession

  1. CoFfEe AnGeL

    ok firstly…u should get an award for cleaning and maintaining such beautiful bathrooms. they're better than the loos in hotels.
    Big beautiful with bathtubs are my fantasy too and a must in my future home.
    I think cleaning is a restorative. our way of beating stress. I've seen women who have no control over anyone in their family…anyone…not husbands, not children,not friends. they end up with OCD [obssessive compulsive disorders]. They manically clean. So much so they have little time for anything else. its v.sad. Of course they dont think they've a problem but then again,who does? 🙂
    I couldn't stop laughing as you spoke of ishaans stream!! haha!!
    You shud really train a bunch of maids specializing in bathroom cleaning. you'll mint money! I'd pay u!

  2. Nadir

    "I don’t care if living room’s a mess or beds are unmade, but no compromise for the baths."
    For once I had to check if it was really ur blog or my wife's. She is also too fond of rating the bathrooms ahead of anything else..

  3. Jas

    boy o boy! You are really into spotless bathrooms! We even I have this urge but on a very low scale 😉

    Its the mirrors and the tiles that i really like spotless, else it feels eeky.
    Are these pics of ur home? Damn! how can u maintain it like this!! wow!

  4. Sandhya

    that's one lovely bathroom and sparkling clean of course! For me, cleaning is like therapy, so our house is cleanest when we have a fight! 🙂

  5. Rohini

    Maybe its an obsession with all women! I cannot think of stepping in to an untidy bathroom. Yours looks gr8! Usually, I keep my house totally clean including the closets and drawers but when I am upset, I reclean. The husband knows that I am upset and so he just keeps quiet not wanting to mess with me 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Do keep coming.

  6. Reflections

    Ur bathroom looks absolutely WOW!!!!

    And u r right abt the cleanliness part….I did the job for arnd 5 years but now I thank God I have an awesome maid who does a better job than me[yes, really];-D

    Came to tell u that u've been tagged:-)!!!!


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