God is watching

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I have never blogged about my driving. But here are hubby’s views about my steering skills,in his words:
Tumhein car chalani nahin aati,wo to apne aap chal jaati hai”(You don’t know how to drive, its just that the car goes all by itself)
I am not a novice driver, people would consider me seasoned, given that I have been driving for 9 years now.
But I don’t enjoy driving and I would not do it unless I really, really have to. And that amounts to driving to and from work each day. I am a very wary driver, always keeping enough distance between me and the vehicle in front and I am very prompt at hitting the brakes and I am ready to yield rather than overtake.
So, that fateful evening at 6:00 I was driving back home, as usual lost in my thoughts when I noticed the police car, lights ablaze, chasing me. I looked at the speedometer-okay I was speeding and that too brazenly. The speed limit was 45 and I was 67!!But I do that every single day and nobody pointed a finger at me.I pulled over and quickly thought of an excuse that I was running late for daycare pickup etc.
The officer walked up to me and I blurted out my excuse but to no avail.I guess you have to be prettier and softer to pull that off. Anyway he wrote a ticket for a $100 and asked me to be safe.
Back home, I narrated this to hubby,verbatim and he promptly put on his expert driver’s cap –”How could you not have seen the police car on that solitary road? And it’s strange that you got a speeding ticket only when you drive just till nukkad(corner).”
My drive is almost 8-9 miles one way and he has the audacity to call it nukkad? Anyway he drives 20+ miles one way, so let him keep that. I offered no counter opinion.
We paid the fine and after that incident-I am always on a lookout for cops more than the cops would be on a lookout for law-breakers.
Last weekend we were driving to Rockford and of course he was the official, designated driver. And once out on the country roads, he lauded himself for putting the car on cruise and driving at 85 constantly when the speed limit was 65.
Now,given the slightest chance,my tall one gets taller- he climbs the lecture podium and dons the preacher cap to bestow on me some sermon God has made him responsible for – “You know, when you are driving, you should keep one eye on the speedometer and one eye on the road scanning for cops cars.” I nod, though laughing to myself, that I am not squint-eyed to divide my vision into two angles.
And encouraged, he went on- “I don’t understand how someone can miss a police car and why did you not hit the brakes when you spotted him.”
At that point,I don’t remember very well but maybe I had a very slight, silent wish that you will come to know only when that happens to you.
And within my 10 minutes of that conversation, when I was again drifting away in my thoughts,he calmly said-“I have to pull over, there’s police behind me”.
And I looked behind and there was the unmistakable blare of lights that had shown on me just a few days back.
We pulled over and the police officer very coolly signed him a ticket for $105 and wished us a Happy Weekend on top of it.
Once he left, I wanted to say something but he spoke-
“I know you have been praying all the way for me to get a speeding ticket.”
“Of course not, but where was your squint look –one eye on the speedometer and other on the cop cars?”

16 thoughts on “God is watching

  1. Parag

    okay, okay !! I get the message. I can read between the lines where you say – “apne aap ko jyada smart mat samajha karo.”

    My 2 cents…”only if I wasn’t distracted by you.”

  2. Rajesh

    I was in a similar situation when in USA. I was above the speed limit in the night and I cop behind me in the mirror. Fortunately I escaped by only removing the feet from accelerator only.

  3. Alishah

    hi nice post…. keep up the good work

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    also i have followed your blog hope you will do the same..

  4. CoFfEe AnGeL

    I loved the ending…
    “My tall one becomes taller…”…haha…hilarious.
    I love ur writing…its simple and sweet. Thats the best thing about it.
    I loved the title 😀 God indeed is watching…

  5. Gauri Gharpure


    reminds me of college when i thought i drove o so well.. now, when i look back and remember the speed sometimes even touched 70 on my two-wheeler, i know why he would chide me 'tum to kahin se bhi 20 minute me pahonch jati ho' 😀

  6. Dil se

    Oh, I loved this post, Sara !! Kept me laughing and I narrated the story to my designated driver too 🙂 Just to give him tell him that "God is watching" 🙂

  7. Mitr

    Recently I joined driving classes and my husband promptly advised me not to do what he does while driving…now thats how he drives -never follows any rules..For that matter I guess men never follow rules when it comes to driving!!!


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