Its friendhip all the way -says SRK!!

Watched two SRK movies back to back-Luck by Chance and Billoo Barber.Well,Luck by Chance is not an SRK movie but loved his special appearance and the special message he conveyed – “Never forget those friends who were there for you when you were nothing.”

And Billoo Barber is a tribute to friendship and though it might not have done good on the SRK box office scale, I liked it.And I can’t thank God enough for giving me great friends,friends for life,who have stood by me,forever – friendships cultivated from every stage of life- school,grad college,post-grad college,work…

And this one goes to my old school friends.And Sumita,my oldest friend whom I have known since kindergarten or 1st grade.I remember when our hindi teacher asked us the meaning of our names, she would sweetly say -Sumita- means a good friend.I don’t know if her parents knew what a great friend she would grow up to be or she lives upto her name?All I know is that some people are just born with a heart of gold…
We have known each other since we were little girls -hair in pigtails and wearing maroon sweaters and brown pinafores,whispering to each other and pointing to the bad girls who waxed their legs already and who read the dirty Mills&Boon see we were the good girls..who read Nancy Drew detective books!!

We used to sit together in most of the classes and though we were good students -she better than me,we used to make fun of teachers to no end by scribbling on our books with pencils with the slightest hand movement,lest we be caught,and pointing it to the other and then erasing it.Later we had a notebook dedicated to parodies and poems on every single teacher, with a cartoon of her.This was contributed to by many other friends too…we were a gang by then-Nidhi,Roli,Seema,Sumita and me…like five fingers of a hand!!
Still remember when our Kohli ma’m was teaching the hindi poem by the elite Harivansh Rai Bachhan-

Ho kahin bhi aag, lekin aag jalni chaahiye

We contorted it to say:
Ho gaye hain patte ikattha, inko jalana chahiye
Tere koodedaan mein nahin to mere mein sahi
Ho kahin bhi aag, lekin aag jalni chaahiye

And then when we fell in love with Aamir Khan when QSQT was released, cutting out every picture of his from every magazine,newspaper we could lay our hands on!!And then going ga-ga over him in dil hai ki manta nahin and pointing out how cutely he ate the melon in the title song.And then growing up a little more, how the Jagjit Singh and ghazal fever caught us!!We have never ending memories that go back years and decades .

So now this Thanksgiving Sumita and family visited us for 3 days and we were the crazy girls again.And talking about movies, I asked her -Did you watch Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na and she said – I am too old for that movie,its for the teenagers!!
Didn’t expect this from you Sumita, you who is always so full of life and fervor, don’t let it die…we are growing old no doubt,but lets keep pushing it a wee bit farther.And we are as old as we think we are!!

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  1. workhard

    Hey, how u doing. Ur ‘prince charming’ made me visit u :)those notebooks remind me of the times when my friends and i used to dedicate a notebook to people who we hate the most and that included a lot of our teachers..

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