Blogging-not a hobby!!

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IN BRIEF: Something that one likes to do for pleasure in ones spare time.

This is the definition of hobby I got from google…now the story what led me to google it. Recently we had a chance to meet some immensely talented people-which led us, both me and hubby, to introspect and search if we are really good at doing anything?? And is there something constructive we can do and we love to do when we have some spare time. Result –zero, zilch, nada…!!

So one of the talented people is a guy who is a painter- not the lady, mind you, but the Mr is a painter. And what collection he had to flaunt at his place!! It was simply unbelievable – and he says soon as he has sometime on his hands, he picks the brush and starts to paint. And it results in a work of art to adorn the walls of the house. Its an achievement to be lauded.

The other person is an excellent photographer- and not just point-and-shoot kind, but someone who pays attention to all the details and if he has a background color in mind, he goes and buys a fabric and dye and really dyes the fabric!! And he buys different lenses and has a mini-lab to adjust the lenses to his need. The result- masterpiece pictures – to keep forever.

These are examples of worthy and creative hobbies which result in something you can cherish forever. So we were discussing about what we do in spare time, we hobbyless good-for-nothings- just sit on the couch and watch some senselessmovie.

At this hubby pointed out that you blog and you can do that when you have time-that totally qualifies for a hobby.
NO!!- I think blogging is not something you can do when you find time. It is compulsive, it can be so dominating and demanding!! You get some idea in your head and your fingers start itching to type in-spare time or not, you have to do it.
It keeps on gnawing at you from within.
And its like a heavy rock you carry on yourselves and keep feeling the weight of it, unless its typed in and posted on the blog.

Hope fellow bloggers agree with me.

14 thoughts on “Blogging-not a hobby!!

  1. ranjit nair

    Hmmm…Interesting thought.
    I sort of agree & disagree with you 🙂 For me, blogging is not that compulsive, more of a hobby which helps me type out when I find time. Ya, but as you said, I know quite a lot of ppl who r real compulsive at that.
    But yes, it won't then again truly qualify as a hobby. I would take photography to blogging any day. A recently discovered hobby, it's beautiful how photography combines science & art. You need modern day techniques to get great shots but then the artist in you has to come out alive to make them truly enjoyable pictures.

  2. Varunavi

    Well said sara.I feel blogging brings the creative side of a person.I never thought i can write like this.I feel blogging is a platform where we can show our creative sides, which i think most of us dont know.
    I love cooking,i check books,internet and other sources for the recipes,make the dish and eat it.With the blogging i can show what i cook,how well i cook to the fellow bloggers.

  3. Gauri Gharpure

    blogging is addictive, just as paints and poems and knitting can be.. so in a way, if a hobby occupies you just as passionately (which rightly it should) then there’s no harm qualifying blogging as a hobby… but then, somehow we tend to take the word ‘hobby’ as something frivolous.. may be tht’s why you insist on the difference.. 🙂

  4. Deepak Shinde

    Sara, A hobby would essentially be some activity which is done not out of commercial considerations, but to please oneself. If in the process a masterpiece is created so much the better.Blogs are a very transcient medium of expression, but I dont see any reason why they do not qualify as a Hobby as they fulfill both parameters of being non-commercial and pleasure giving.

  5. Kishor

    I totally agree that blogging is a serious business. I got inspired after reading Andy Wibbels book. Otherwise I had no idea to blog. I am fortunate that I did. I learnt a lot about blogging and stumbled upon some great websites and blogs.

  6. workhard

    Hi, You know what, i totally agree with you on the blogging part. its something that strikes your mind and you jot it down, type it rather.. for me, its starting to help me vent out my frustrations; and so does painting, im an artist, working on commisions.

    Work from home

  7. Mitr

    Even if some of you say it is compulsive and some say it is a hobby, I love it either way as I enjoy the exchange of ideas and experiences with close friends and complete strangers – it is a way of venting the clogged up thoughts or lets say grooming the creative writer in us(atleast need not be at mercy of an obliging publisher)…


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