Something New-Sabudana Vada

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I had been thinking of making it, for days now ..actually since last year –since Dec13th 2007, hubby’s birthday. The reason – it’s a typical dish from his family and he loves it. And for me, the greatest way to relive a birthday or a festival is to do things like my mom did, the way it was done in my family.
So, wanted to surprise him with something straight from mon-in-law’s ktchen-but,last year I forgot to soak the sabudana, so didn’t work out.This year, I remembered to do it, but no luck-the sabudana box stared at me ,blank and empty, in the pantry..okay whatever God wishes!!
Jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai.
So, for New Year, I specially went and bought it and soaked it. Now, the bigger piece of the conundrum-how to proceed, next?
I was about to Google, when he called mom-in-law for wishing the Happy New Year, of course….so there it was!! It was my turn to wish the New Year and before the question was asked –so what special are you cooking-I planted my question, which was -What are the steps to cook sabudana vada.
So two birds killed with the same stone-
1.I don’t have to google the recipe, because this was personalized,expert offsore cooking help.
2.Earned a little good entry in the daughter-in-law log, that she is cooking something special!!Believe me these small entries or post-its in that journal go a long way-these are small investments which can reap potential profits in the long run.

The result- the sabudana vadas were near perfection –crunchy and delectable.
So, I asked hubby matter-of-factedly –
“Do they taste like they did back home?”
“I don’t know about back home but this is my home and they taste perfect!!”

I was bowled over and touched by this unexpectedly sweet answer.

13 thoughts on “Something New-Sabudana Vada

  1. Pragati Manish

    Good answer by Parag – I am impressed by his answer Sara. Great effort on your part and to add two the two points you mentioned in your blog – you also earned a point for “asking for a recipe from your MIL” this one goes a long way too :o)


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