My country-is for them

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Much has been said by many people about the Mumbai terror attacks and there’s nothing new I have to add to it. CNN was showing live coverage of the siege day and night and we were glued to the TV, it being Thanksgiving weekend.

Fellow American neighbors and colleagues are ensuring well-being of relatives and friends back home and in the same breath they are expressing their shock at how things had been handled. It was all on the TV, the way the injured were manhandled and somehow pushed into already filled cars and the sorry sight of a single firetruck trying to douse the flames at Taj. They wonder if there are no ambulances and fire departments in India. And also if the police force and the terrorism squad don’t have proper bullet-proof vests and guns etc.

I am irked, I cannot defend my country because my country has everything – but not for everybody!! There is everything for the politically and the theatrically and the industrially important – the netas and abhinetas and the anndatas.They are protected by the most sophisticated weapons and the stealthiest commandos.

But for the common man who works hard to pay taxes to fill the government treasury, there is nothing, his life has no meaning at all.

There is no infrastructure because those who matter are above the infrastructure.

2 thoughts on “My country-is for them

  1. Jas

    i have always felt that the root cause of our issues is population. In the end who bothers? lesser resources per head means use of some means to override otherwise justified path.
    But i can understand what u wrote. Thats what i went through on one of my interaction with some french people.


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