If I were the president…

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So, the election is over.The mandate is given and we witness history as Barack Obama, a man of color,as they say, is the President of United States. Amidst all the argument and debate about socialism and taxes of Joe the Plumber, stood up the promise of We need change.
And Joe the Plumber is a legend,now!!
Ishaan was all excited about the election and was glued to the TV last night when the poll results were coming in and went to sleep only with the promise that we’ll tell him the result first thing in the morning.
But his aspirations and amibitions if he were the president are not philanthropic and global,but self-centered are selfish.Here’s what he wrote in school…

3 thoughts on “If I were the president…

  1. ranjit nair

    That ones cute !
    White house is pretty big, so that wish is easily satisfied…not too sure about ice creams though. And yep, 100 visitors everyday to the house, that’s for sure!

  2. ray


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