All prayers answered!!

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As the nation goes to election, every individual has hopes that things will change and dreams will come true. Strange how one person’s claim to the White House percolates to every person who wants some questions answered, some policies changed, some things to end or some things to commence.
I was listening to the radio this morning and was really intrigued by how the voting decisions are taken and how wonderful and diverse the mosaic of peoples’ opinions is. No matter what turn the election takes, the only speckle of hope is that these small hopes are not overruled and razed to the ground. May this election be the divine intervention each one seeks in their lives.

A woman is voting for A with the hope of getting her husband,a soldier, back from Iraq.
An elderly gentleman is voting for B so that the medical insurance becomes affordable and he can get his routine insulin shots.
A young man hopes to get his job back, so he gets the stove burning for his family dinner.
A young mom votes for the candidate with young kids so that he can do good for kids education and healthcare.
A woman votes for a woman so that she can feel empowered and not side-saddled.
An immigrant votes for B so that he can get the immigration process expedited and mitigate the agonizing wait.
A house owner votes so that he can retain the roof on his kids’ heads.
A retired woman votes to get better pension and social security benefits.
A man votes so that he and his race is looked upon with some respect.

No one knows what the new president’s pandora box holds for them, but each has the faith and the belief that there’ll be some treat for them.
They’ve been waiting for Santa!!

2 thoughts on “All prayers answered!!

  1. L. Venkata Subramaniam

    In his reaction to the terrorist attack in Mumbai Obama went on and on about democracy. It shows how little he understands India! Democracy is not in danger in India, infact right now Delhi is voting its next government.


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