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A friend of mine e-mailed me this morning to inform me that my blog was on the India Blogs list -Directory of Top Blogs in India and Most Widely Read Indian Bloggers.
Fully sceptical and feeling it-cant-be, I clicked on the above URL and then searched for my name..once I found Sara, I was again certain that the link would lead to some other Sara’s blog.But no,it was unmistakably the humble sarasid.blogspot.com.I am listed under General,Everything Else

Yes,I am shocked but it feels great and I want to thank all the readers of this blog..those who comment and also those who read and leave silently on a tiptoe.
Thank you all for your clicks and spending your invaluable time on my blog.
I started this blog just to break from the monotony of life and to do something I feel happy about…just for myself.And I never knew I had so much to write about before I started;there are stories hidden and conspicuous everywhere just waiting to be narrated and given life.And after I started blogging, my mind is constantly occupied and building a frame/structure to build upon..this preoccupation often startles me when someone suddenly calls my name or walks up suddenly to start talking to me.
The fact that I am listed under General, Everything Else shows that I never thought of giving any direction or theme to my blog,it just goes with the flow. And honestly I do not advertize and publicize my blog too much or decorate and add frills to it,neither do I write about current topics and newsmakers to get some clicks.
I just write what I feel like and I am grateful to the people who like my sometimes boring and senseless ravings and rantings and musings.

8 thoughts on “On a Top Blog List

  1. Pilot-Pooja

    Many Many congrats Sara dear!!

    No wonder, so many people love to flock around your thoughts & i am surely one of them!!

    Many many congrats for another reason too: Well, Nadir just offered us sweets yesterday..

  2. Jas

    Congrats Sara! Well to me your blog has been a series of very interesting readings and somehow I have been able to connect to ur life and writings a lot; it has almost been like am talking to a friend. So its ur writing style 🙂

    Congrats once again!! I may not be able to comment every time, but I keep visiting a list of blogs I have. And just think of how many readers you have who havent commented!!

  3. Pragati Manish

    Congrats Sara – you “smarty pants”!!
    No wonder the men were tongue tied all the time when we were up in OH – they had a smart woman to deal with. I have not been able to read as often as I would like to, but I have always been so impressed with whatever I have been able to read. Good going girl!!

  4. Rajesh Kumar

    Congrats Sara. You have a great style of writing that makes your blog truly deserve being in that list.
    It also means keep posting more often.

    PS:पर वो गुमनाम दोस्त है कौन?

  5. Anonymous

    Yes. I am one those who read and ‘tip toe’ out; and I love the deeply personal feelings that you selflessly share with all.

    Your long lost ‘friend’ – SN


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