If I can’t have you

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A song can do wonders, at times and that too if you are bombarded with the same lyrics and tune day in and day out,morning till evening, and of course you also have to be half-crazy.This can-work-wonders song, an old one was among the playlists at my work for a long time last month and subconsciously kept on hammering me and bothering me…

If I can’t have you
I don’t want nobody, baby
If I can’t have you… If I can’t have you
I don’t want nobody, baby
If I can’t have you…

Compromise and settling in for what-you-get can arguably be a virtue,but at times you stare stark at yourself and question what you really want,and can you be adamant about it,and when exactly you need to keep your foot down.
And this song made me do that..but no I have not taken any pledges or made any life-changing decisions or earth-shaking achievements. But yes,all I have succeeded in is getting myself a handbag, the one that I love..
I am a very docile person when it comes to shopping and mostly hubby does the selections for me and I go by his choice.But this time,I wanted a handbag and I didn’t want a leather one..I wanted something different and I had my eyes fixed on the fabric quilted ones, which would be light to carry and different.
But the only and the most important arcanum was where to get it?So,we visited some stores and didn’t find that kind…the routine leather or canvas!!
Hubby did shortlist some nice regular ones for me and handed to me one by one while I tried them on….thats what I expect of him when we go shopping. But I didn’t like any of them but he had me cajoled and brainwashed into buying one-but once home it looked listless and I was not quite satisfied with it.It was a long weekend, so we went shopping again and the next day again he talked me into buying another on. We can always return it if you don’t like it at home-this was his argument and it works most of the times and there is no return- I just grow into liking my purchase, end of story, happy but compromised ending!!
But not this time and I went back to work after the weekend and it started..

If I can’t have you
I don’t want nobody, baby

What person am I if I can accept a second choice and give in so easily?
And I geared up and challenged myself into finding my coveted handbag.
And google didn’t help much this time…bet my query was inappropriate and I’m beginning to rely heavily on amazon these days.
And I typed in quilted handbag and voila!! I was already a step ahead, the bags were designed and sold under the label Vera Bradley.
So I was inching closer to my destination and next stop was verabradley.com and search for locations around us.
Yes, the bags were sold in speciality gift stores only and I found one moderately close to work, considering how I loathe driving. And I actually sneaked out at lunch for my clandestine mission and landed myself at this store which is a big achievement for me..those who know me can vouch for it..the lazy one that I am , I would normally wait for chauffeur-husband to drive me and wait on me while I shopped, if only it were not for….
If I can’t get you,I’ll have nobody baby…
And back home,dear hubby’s eyes almost popped out of the sockets when he saw my newest booty proudly on display on the kitchen-island with breathless when-where-how did you, how could you get this?

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