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Who’s the singer?Atif Aslam?
No, its Mustafa Zahid.
Actually no, its Kamran Ahmed.
But surely it’s a Pakistani singer!!
These young Pakistani singers are good…that touching, hurt, heart-rending tone in the voice sets them apart from our home-grown Udit Narayan, Abhiheet,Sonu Nigam and gang.I lost my heart to Atif Aslam,once I heard Tere bin main yun kaise jiya…kaise jiya tere bin. The texture of his voice seems so honest and forlorn and reaching out.
Actually, years ago, I had this secret young girl thing about the prince of my dreams, a guy who could sing well….it was the most romantic thing for me. Well, that dream didn’t come true as the package I got as my husband has no such attributes and he isn’t even tolerable when overheard singing in the bathroom.
Anyway what I wanted vs what I got , actually what I chose to get (can’t blame anyone!!), deserves a separate blog post. For now, lemme stick to these singers.
At work, I listen to all the new hindi releases which are mentioned by someone or listed at ndtv.com or rediff.com. And my work place, office space,is not the typical serious, pin-drop silence kind of an atmosphere.Its more energetic, trendy, stimulating,brazen and what not and because of that I am blasted by this rock music or techno music whatever they like to call it at all times.And I have to take refuge under my ear plugs.
The thing is that our music directors, movie directors- Mr Bhat, Mr Pritam etc are introducing so many new voices that its difficult to discern who’s singing which song.And all these songs are so similar – the tune, the lilt, the pensive tone.
To me, a listener, songs that have Atif Aslam written all over them are actually rendered by Mustafa Zahid . So Mr Zahid’s identity in the song To phir aao… is shrouded by Atif’s while the newbie Kamran struggles to etch out a corner for himself with the song Judaai…. Its unfair to these singers and it’s a waste of talent if they seem interchangeable to the audience .So Bollywood bosses, just hold off introducing new voices for some time,please.

5 thoughts on “Who’s Who

  1. Pilot-Pooja

    Hey Sara, nice choice of words..i read your post twice..!

    Atif happens to be my frds’ favorite too!!

    We are waiting for that separate blog post dedicated to someone special..!!

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve always had this feeling that Pakistani POP industry is much better than in India and I just cant understand why. Look at Strings, Vital Signs (Junaid Jamshed) and Junoon. They are all outstanding and superb singers.

    I think what they dont have there is a back-bone support like Bolloywood in India.

    Nice post Sarah, keep it up. Your name reminds me of someone I knew long time back. But your photo proves to be different for sure 🙂

  3. Sara

    This one is a lovely song too, a touching voice coming from deep within.The singer is Aadil or Salman?
    And thanks for sending the link to this site,it looks promosing.


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