Friends Forever

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I have always believed that the best things happen to you unplanned, without a notice.It just so happened that while returning from Miami, our connecting flight to Columbus was from New York. And God bless the winters of Ohio, Columbus was in the midst of a snow blizzard and no flights could go in or out of Columbus. So, there we were, tired after the vacation, stranded at the airport with long faces and droopy eyelids. What next? was written all over our faces.
And then we thought of visting our friends at a two-hour drive from New York and called them up. They insisted we come to their place right away, without thinking about anything.And hence, we just crashlanded on them in the middle of the night. God gave us relatives; thank God we can choose our friends.
Though we were seeing each other after years, it didn’t feel like it at all and that’s what my friend said that it seems like we keep meeting each other every other day. Such was our comfort level and rapport. And it was just like coming home for us. And we spent late nights, just laughing at nothing and everything.
And naturally when two old friends meet, the husbands are the natural targets. And I must appreciate how the two men took everything so sportingly, and readily, joining in all the fun, even if it was at their expense.
And as my friend rightly said, distance doesn’t change anything in friendship. I agree with her that time and distance are no challenge for friendship,if there’s honesty and open hearts.And I believe that
Friendship is all about picking up from where we left off last, anytime, and yet feeling that we never left off, ever.

2 thoughts on “Friends Forever

  1. Pragati Manish

    Awl Sara, what a wonderful post. Every word n this is 100% true and I am so glad we are friends. Every time we meet I feel like we should stay closer and meet more often!!
    From being single to married, from India to US, from couples to now Moms, our friendship has experienced everything and has only grown deeper.Thank God for friends like you :o)

  2. pilot-pooja

    Lovely Sara..everything in ur post seems heart-rending n so true!!

    Agreed, we cant choose our family n relatives..(for we love them in almost all the circumstances) But God did give us an option to choose our frds n life-partner..!

    You 2 seem to share a wonderful frdship..
    God Bless!!


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