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Speaking and understanding our national language Hindi is one thing, but understanding the hindi song lyrics is a different skill altogether.It seems simple to us as we have grown with bollywood songs clogging our ears all the time and are accustomed to sanam,sajna,saawariya,soniye,deewama,mukhda,zulfein and what not.
But try looking at this unending and ever-growing song vocabulary from the eyes of a 5-year old who has spent major part of his life in the US, and he,who has to switch to hindi soon as he opens his eyes in the morning (I assume that he dreams in english) and switch to english soon as he leaves the house for school and then switch back to hindi , soon as he is picked up from school.This is the bi-lingual ordeal that my kiddo deals with each day and he handles it so deftly that I am surprised at that.
But to top it all, there is the hindi music that is thrust upon him in the car, in the hindi movies that we watch.Only hindi songs play in my car and everytime while in the car he ends up asking questions-
Mummy what is rootha and sanam as in ‘tu rootha to main ro dungi sanam’.
This simple one line is too complex for him.
And another teaser – ‘kaali naagin ke jaisi zulfein teri kaali kaali’
What is naagin and what is zulfein.
And he loves the song from Dil Chahta hai –koi kahe kehta rahe,ktina bhi humko deewana.What on earth is deewaana, now?
And one day he was singing this song along with the CD with –‘ koi kahe kehta rahe kitna bhi humko deewana,hum login ki cooker mein hai ye zamaana’, just conveniently substituting cooker for thokar.I didn’t correct him and didn’t want to because of the utter cuteness in it.
And recently after our visit to India, his most favorite song is ‘Soni de nakhre sone lagde’ from Govinda’s movie Partner.He has learnt how to hop like Govinda from the cool Hindi new-release Indian channels, and that is funny and cute.
And everytime his dad touches the laptop, he demands for the song ‘Soni de nakhre’ to be played on YouTube umpteen times.Pestered and thoroughly irritated that dad was, one day he questioned –Whats with this song, tujhe matlab bhi pata hai Soni ka?
And innocently without wasting a moment, pat came reply – Soni means Sony TV.
Both of us parents just looked each other in the eye and smiled as he gets offended if we laugh out loud on him.

5 thoughts on “Soni vs Sony TV

  1. Anonymous

    remember,how he taught me dance to
    that song.
    he said-join your hands,and bend your knees and now jump.
    that was hilarious,wasnt,it?

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