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Jagjit Singh is great and so is urdu poetry, ghazals and nazms….a friend sent me this clip from youtube and made me nostalgic and sent me down the path in life about a decade earlier ….when I was a die-hard Jagjit Singh fan and used to exchange his latest releases with friends and spent hours discussing about them.
His voice is so soothing and honest…coming from deep within;its not from the human larynx, its divine.And his collections with Chitra Singh were just romance personified, dunked in romance , totally. Those are the unparalleled love sagas..even the simple ones which everybody I am sure has heard-from movie Saath Saath…tumko dekha to ye khayal aaya ..and the other one honthon se choo lo tum.. are so touching that it sends shivers down the spine anytime you listen to it.And in my opinion, if a guy wants to woo a girl, Jagjit Singh’s ghazals are a sure-shot, anytime!! Not that they were used on me..but I know they have that potential..to drive the nail on the head.
When romance in life gradually faded out and monotony started sinking in; I turned towards more peppy Bollywoody or soft pop music.I enjoy that too, but Jagjit Singh is the first and the true love, if one talks about music.And today after listening to this ghazal,I have decided to revive my lost favorite hobby of listening ghazals.And with youtube and zillion other sites providing mp3, its not a very daunting pledge to keep.

And to think about just the two lines of this ghazal,
Apni marzi se kahan apne safar ke hum hain,
Rukh hawaaaon ka jidhar ka hai , udhar ke hum hain!!

Now, having crossed so many stages, having lived through many phases of life, these lines ring so true.Its like staring stark at yourself in the mirror and asking- Did you really want that, was that your marzi…or everything in life just jumped upon you at arm’s reach and you grabbed it.. just sailed with the wind or did you prop on your toes and reach your arms a little higher.Do we introspect often and ask ourselves what we really, truly, actually want to do next?I don’t and mostly go with the flow.
This is what ghazals do to you..force you to think about you, which every person must do..

2 thoughts on “Apni marzi se….

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