I have the mantra-any takers?

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‘Lets do it all over again’,hubby declared one day.Living in this country and watching all the Hollywood movies,where the most dreaded but most used one-lne is-‘Its not working, its not you, its me’,is all it takes to break-up,something rang a bell inside my head-was it happening to me?
Thankfully he was talking about us dating again -me and him and not him and Z.And real dates-not grocery-shopping ones.Everyday life, monotonous chores, loads of responsibility somehow slowly has gnawed into the feeling we once had.The sea of time has doused the flame that once exsited.And now every weekend when we both are at home together, is a challenge and a thin rope to tread on – not to get mad at something or the other, to hold our tongues and restrain our bellicose facades.
‘Well,thats possible of we live apart and not end up under the same roof at the end of the day’,I said.Yes, that sounds like a plan – just meet for dinner thats it.Togetherness is what makes us take each other for granted.A little solitude, being left alone so that you crave for company-can cure it and make you realize that the other person is not fungible.And if the separation starts turning maudlin, you are good for another year.
So,rent a hotel,where the spouse lives in and get back together when you really miss each other and rekindle the fire.This looks like a recipe,a mantra.

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