Pudin Hara jaisi koi nahin

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I guess everybody who has a stomach would know this feeling of being woken up in the middle of the night with a queasy stomach-with loud growling noises coming from within,clouds rumbling inside your gut,heartburn,nausea.That is one of the worst moments any mortal in normal circumstances leading a normal life can face.
Speaking about stomach its such a vital part of your existence that you cannot tolerate its emptiness and cannot tolerate its overfill.I thought about this last night after overeating at the Dosa Corner – samosa,masala vada, dosa and mango lassi is a sacful given the stomach is a small bag.And then waking at 3 AM with stomach cramps.That is the evidence of my love for South Indian food, not love I would say, greed!!But thank the Almighty for pudin hara.
If the belly is happy and stable, the world goes round on its axis, else its turned upside down.Acceptance for spouse, love for kids , ambition, purpose-everything is at its place if the stomach is healthy.But there is one minute green thing which has the power to turn it around and that is Pudin Hara pearls by our own home-grown Dabur.One of the few things that I remember of my MBA days is that Dabur is named after the founder Doctor Burman , hence resulting in Dabur and I think since that part of memory is intact tull now, it might last forever.I am not a great fan of other Dabur products like Dabur Amla oil or Dabur Chyawanprash or Dabur Hajmola, but hats and coats off to Pudin Hara, its got what it takes!!
My association with Pudin Hara can be traced back to the days when pudin hara came as a green bitter liquid in a glass bottle with a mint leaf on it and पुदीन हरा written in hindi.Those were the halycon school summer vacation days when we were an unruly bunch of kids, sneaking out in the unforgiving June-July sun, eating rubbish candies and imlis and jamuns and green raw mangoes-we used to carry salt and pepper in small paper packets to open and eat with the green raw mangoes-I don’t remember ever caring to wash the hands or what was in the hands before it goes to the mouth.Those mangos gave boils all over the body which dad drenched with a purple color medicine. And mom’s biryani combined with those mangos and imlis and jamuns played havoc with the poor stomach-so to wake up mom with retching sounds and she would immediately dilute the green pudin hara liquid with water;but that bitter taste would not be drowned by any amount of water and that led to more puking.But in the end, it worked and gave a restful rest of the night.
And it still works!!And thankfully the liquid is in the form of green pearls which slides easily through the food tube and gives instant relief.And to date,although I am out of the country I stock up my pudin hara everytime I go back home and I swear I have never had to tread the stomach/digestion aisles of these firangi pharmacies.
As for other medicines, I must admit that I have switched my loyalties – from Crocin to Tylenol, Brufen to Advil, Moov to Bengay,Cetrizine to Claritin but I never ever would gulp any other pill for stomach ailment, other than pudin hara.
Another Godsend brand is Nestle’s Maggi- which is irreplaceable and my son has to pick up the biggest yellow pack on every visit to the Indian grocer and anytime his answer to what he wants to eat is -Maggi.
And that is brand success.Every brand’s success is a story good to be read and heard but real success is pudin hara’s success which can be felt so wonderfully, which touches you down to the gut.Well that’s the beauty of the FMCG industry-fast moving consumer goods-vow I remember that too!! Well Ferrari.Mercerdes would be great cars, but I might get to own just 1-2, max 3 cars in my lifetime and Ferrari might not be one of them.So I can’t relate to that.
Anyway that’s enough brand mutter for now, but the bottom line is pudin hara rocks-पुदीन हरा जैसी कोई नहीं

9 thoughts on “Pudin Hara jaisi koi nahin

  1. PARAG

    Just because ‘you’ mentioned it…I wanted to let you know that I’ve been dreaming about trading in our old Toyota for a new Mercedes. How’s that??

  2. Anonymous

    I was researching for side effects if any of Pudin Hara online. I came across this website..

    And just reading your story convinced me to stock up my medicines kit as well with more pudin hara. I do take it but I was just curios to see if there are any side effects.

    Thanks for the write up.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks Sara. I has sour belching and decided to try pudin hara after reading your post. I was okay within next 6 hours.

    Thanks for the post!!!

  4. Justin

    Very True Always Stock Pudin Hara at Home, Also For Cough – Kafantak Kadha, for flu – Joshanda man it really works


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