Way to his heart

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Surprise!! Jewelry, vacation, foot massage – too much of good things!! I should seriously get my blood sugar tested, too much of sugar intake makes me wary of diabetes.So he gave me a pretty diamond necklace and earrings just like that, I had to think – no, its not my birthday or wedding anniversary- no occasion that should be marked with a gift-wrapped box. Then he booked a vacation for the long weekend, without dropping a hint to me.Whats wrong with him and whats right with me.Why such sudden soaring spike in our constant graph of a line parallel to the x-axis and dipping sometimes, but this high rise had to set me thinking.
Looking back to a last couple of weeks, it occurred to me that it was all about food.Last days I was really innovative in the kitchen, trying out new things as I got fed up of cooking the same stuff over and over again.God bless google and God bless the recipe sites -sailusfood.com, mumbai-masala.com , khanakhazana.com etc and God bless all those good cyber samaritans who never shy away from sharing their recipes.And I was myself pleasantly shocked at the results, I hadn’t messed up any of it.
So spicing up the dinner had spiced up some other things as well.So, its really about customer satisfaction and customer delight.Getting his tummy just filled was the customer satisfaction but unveiling new dishes at the table was the delight factor.And voila- it works with amazing celerity on him, after all he’s just being a man!! The stomach juices in combination with the chettinad egg curry, tomato rice, dum aloo, stuffed baingan, Andhra khichadi is a magic potion, I can bet anything on it.
The kitchen air redolent with the aroma of spices creeps up to the unperturbed pockets of heart and emotion, it seems. There has to be a scientific explanation for this, but who cares!! Whoever said – ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ – is (or was) the wisest human being ever to have walked the Earth and I hold high regard for that person. And its not only the way to his heart, but the sapid vibes emanating from the delighted belly reach the mind and the wallet too.
Yeah, and it takes real strong ones to reach this one’s because they have to travel a long distance because of his height, so the weak ones either get lost in the way or are significantly close to death before reaching the destination..

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