I’ve messed up!

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I know for sure that I’ve messed it up real bad when-

– the kid asks him-Dad, what’s for dinner?
– he puts a palmful of salt in the curry before even tasting it.
– at evening pickup, the daycare teacher dismisses me with ‘Have a good night’ , but goes to lengths to describe the kid’s day when he picks up.
– I ask boss – how’d the testing go when I was away last two days and he says- when was that?
– Guests invited for dinner at our place ask him for recipes if they like something.
– I tell him I’m going shopping with a friend and he says- take your time.
– I rarely sit to watch TV and when I do, I just end up just flipping channels.
– I reach for my cellphone at the end of the weekend to discover only a missed morning alarm waiting for me.
– I go out for a walk and about turn if I faintly see a man walking an unleashed dog, heading my direction.
– I find myself trying to open the first white car in the parking lot with my car keys.
– I swipe my credit card the wrong way at grocery stores only to be told to turn it around.
– I have to insert my dollar into the vending machine thrice before succeeding.
– My shoe laces open within minutes of leaving home.
– I go to eat out at good restaurants and am fascinated by the kids menu.
– I find all my night shirts have a toothpaste stain in the front.
– My brother tells me that his lady project manager is old and grumpy – exactly like me.
– I start reading a book and decide within a chapter that I don’t like it but still read it to the end.
– He says –did you get your eyebrows done -when I am trying to display a new dress.
– I am done eating by the time he puts in the DVD to watch with dinner.
– He asks me to rush to the shower when I am already dressed and ready to go out.
– I unscrew parts of my son’s toy train, with a real screwdriver, to replace the batteries and he enters later – mom, you can just flip this cover open to replace, see, its easy.
– My son asks me for candy and then retreats- Don’t worry, I’ll ask daddy, you are too short to reach it.

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